AK: Alaskan Summer Position

Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, Wasilla, Alaska
(Museum Gift Shop, Yard Work Volunteer - FHU RV Site)

AK: Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry (MATI), Wasilla, Alaska. Spend the summer in South-Central Alaska. Wasilla is middle ground to explore either north to Denali or south to the Kenai Peninsula.

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry (MATI) offers excellent insight into the "REAL" Alaska. MATI has been in existence since 1967 and is a 501c3. 

The museum is open from Mother's Day to Labor Day, but some flexibility is possible.

We are looking for Workers On Wheels RVers to work in the gift shop and help with yard work. A schedule of four days working and four days off allows the working-RVer-team plenty of time to visit Alaska.

This is a non paid position. In exchange, you will receive water, electricity, sewer dump and unlimited data WIFI. Shower and kitchen available inside of museum. 

Contact Sherry by email at Mati@mtaonline.net.

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