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(Jobs for Retired Ag Science Teacher)

Where can I find agriculture jobs while traveling in the US and Canada? I am a retired agriculture science teacher and would like to find work to help pay for our travels. I have worked for cattle, horse ranches, and do have some experience with nurseries (plants).

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Check with grain elevators, farm co-ops, farm supply stores, and county agricultural extension agents. The folks at those places can put you in touch with those hiring in the industry. They'll know the area farmers and ranchers.

They'll also know how the season is coming along. Is it planting season? Time to cultivate? Harvest?

Go to schools and meet your colleagues, other ag science teachers. Maybe you could even do a guest presentation.

You might want to continue teaching. Develop a class or workshop. Could be an evening workshop that you could present to area farmers on some specialty. Might be a six week class you could do as part of a community adult ed program.

Do you have or can you get special certification that some agriculture jobs require? Pesticide applicators need to be certified, at least in some areas. You could teach the certification class. Or, plan your travels, coordinate with the ag extension office, and be in an area at the time they are looking for applicators.

Farm and ranch jobs are one possibility. For other ideas, check our Agricultural Jobs page

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Farm Work - Driving Farm Tractors, Painting, Various Farm Jobs

We are exploring the idea of having RVers work on our farm doing various jobs, depending on interests, time and skills. We need someone to drive a tractor in May and June. There is a building to be demolished and painting to be done. Also, we have a 20 acre farm site with lawn, garden and trees that need tending too. Who is interested?

[Editor's note: Harold, you didn't include any contact information, so RVers who are interested in working on your farm won't be able to contact you. Use the form on this website to submit a Help Wanted ad, and be sure to put your phone number or email address in it, so that folks can reach you. To find the form, look on the upper left side of this page, and click on "Help Wanted Ads" and that should take you to it.]

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