Afraid of Not Finding Work: Having Confidence to Go Full-Time RVing

“Weren’t you afraid of not finding work? Wasn’t it scary to quit your jobs to go full time RVing and travel?” Those are questions we frequently hear. The answer is a resounding, “No!” There was never any doubt that we’d be able to support ourselves on the road. Here’s why.

We Were Never Afraid that We Wouldn’t Find Work

We believed – we knew – we could always get some kind of work. We understood and that the work might not be glamorous or prestigious. We accepted that the work might not be fun. We had no guarantees that any job on the road would pay and provide the benefits of previous jobs. But, we were always certain we could find something to do that would keep food on the table and gas in the tank, and to pay the rest of our bills.

What gave us this confidence?

•    We looked around us and saw Help Wanted signs at all sorts of places.
•    We listed to business owners talk about how hard it was to find good employees.
•    We had educations, skills, and experiences to offer employers.
•    We’d never had trouble finding work in the past.
•    We created work to take with us.
•    We started that work before we went full-time RVing.
•    We knew we weren’t making a life-time commitment -- we could return to living in a regular house and having regular jobs.
•    We knew restaurants always need help and we could work in one.

Throughout our two-and-a-half decades of RVing, we’ve always had work we appreciate. Some of it has been physically strenuous. Some has been mentally taxing. But, there has been good in all of it.

Working while RVing has been a great education and a way to learn about culture and history. Our employment at a museum in Alaska is a perfect example of that. So is working with the peanut industry in Georgia. Being working RVers has also been an opportunity to work with our special interests. Bob did several seasonal employment stints at a tourist railroad, including one where he helped rebuild a steam locomotive.  His interest in fishing has led to a variety of jobs, from working at a fishing lodge to bait shrimping, to repairing fishing reels.

Which brings us to more reasons we knew we’d be able to find work.

•    We have a variety of interests.
•    We enjoy learning.
•    We are willing to do things we’ve never done before.
•    We’re willing to tough out a situation, if the situation warrants it.
•    We have a good work ethic and other personal characteristics  employers want.
•    We are adaptive.

An example of that last one, is the business we created before we left to go full-timing. It evolves with us. We change and adapt it to meet our needs – and those of our customers.

I firmly believe that there is work out there for every RVer who wants to work.  If you are afraid of not finding work while RVing, check yourself against the bulleted points in this article. Those things gave us confidence that we’d always be able to find jobs on the road. And, we have. If you share those characteristics and beliefs, I think you’ll be able to find RV work, as well. 

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