Advertising On RVs

- Paula

Do you know of any businesses or companies that would be interested and willing to pay for posting their advertising signs on our 5th wheel? I've seen others doing it and was wondering how to get started in it.

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Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Hi Paula,

There are two ways you can go about getting paid advertising placed on your recreational vehicle. The ads range from small vinyl banners to full body wraps.

One is to work directly with the company that provides the product or service shown in the advertisement.

The other is to work through a marketing agency. The agency matches you with an advertiser.

Maybe some of our readers have first hand experience with the agencies and can offer some recommendations. In the meantime, try doing an online search for "paid advertising on vehicles" and "vehicle wrap advertising."

In some cases, besides having the ad on your RV, you are expected to attend specific events, such as trade shows or fairs. They may want you to hand out samples and visit with people about the product or service you are promoting.

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