Advertising MLM Business

- David C.

How do I submit an ad on your site to promote my multilevel marketing business?

My wife and I are full time RVers ourselves. How do I submit an ad on your site to promote my MLM business to other RVers? Do I enter my ad under your Submit an Ad link? Or by another way since it is an MLM company? Also what is the cost to advertise my MLM company?

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Do Readers Want MLM Ads?

Hi David,

We haven't generally accepted multilevel network marketing business ads. But, this may change. Now is the time for you -- and our other readers -- to voice your opinion on this.

I've thought about having pages in our network marketing information section where independent associates from the various companies could post their ads. I'm open for discussion on this. I'd like to hear the opinions of both our general readers and those of you who are in an MLM business.

One option I'm considering would be a page (or pages) of classified type ads. But, they would all be for MLM opportunities and they would be in the MLM section, not with the job listings. There would be a small fee for this, probably payable annually.

I've also considered letting each rep have a full page to promote his business. Again, these pages would all be in the network marketing section. They'd be handy for those interested and out of the way for those who aren't. The fee for this would probably be annually. Or, maybe an initial set-up fee and then a monthly fee after that.

I've also thought about having a separate page for each MLM company advertised, with multiple reps from that company listed on the page. The drawback on this is that someone would have to research and write the info pages. Since I'm already involved with a network marketing company I believe is the best, I probably wouldn't be very objective in writing about other companies and their programs. The fees on this would likely be annual, with the option of paying extra for a primary placement listing.

So, I'm tossing it back to you. What option interests you most? What are you willing to pay?

If you don't want to post dollar figures on the website, you can email those numbers.

There are so many MLM companies out there, that I'm afraid this could get out of hand. However, I also know that being an independent associate for a MLM company is an ideal way for some RVers to earn a living.

And finally, there is the big question: Do our readers want to see MLM ads or not?

Your thoughts?

MLM ad section

Thanks for your reply to my question. Yes, I would certainly be in favor of you setting up a section where MLM representatives can advertise their businesses.

My wife and I are full-time RVer's and we are always looking for opportunities that we can work online while we travel. We know many other RVer's are also looking for the same, as we talk to them everyday.

I think this would provide a much needed place for MLM reps to advertise. I have checked with many RV magazines and other RV publications and it is hard to find any RV publication that will accept MLM company ads.

That's a shame because there are some MLM companies out there with high integrity where RVer's can earn an extra $1,000 or more per month and for many RVer's that is all they need with other income they have coming in to stay on the road.

I would first like to see you have an MLM classifed ad section rather and maybe later offering larger ad space.

Thanks again. I will certainly be advertising in your MLM section if you get it set up.

David C.


Coleen, I agree with Dave. I think a site or page for MLM would be a good idea. Yes there are a lot of them out there however there are a few that offer great programs and systems that are perfect for RVers. If the price is fair I am sure some of us who have limited ad budgets would be more willing to spend it with you then some of the other markets that are not as focused.

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