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We posted a Help Wanted, but the ad response wasn't as good as we had hoped. We'd like to post another one. Can you help us write one that will get a better response?

Comments for Ad Response

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Improving Ad Responses

You'll get a better ad response if you let the RVer know what's in it for him. What are you offering? Wages? RV site? With what hookups? Other perks? What kind of work atmosphere? Training? Chance to work independently or with others? What attractions or fun things are nearby? Is the job in a remote area or close to shopping? It baffles me as to why this is important, but many RVers want to know how far it is to the closest Wal-Mart.

If you are looking at a work in exchange for a site deal, be reasonable. What do you charge for a monthly rate? What is the going pay rate in your area for comparable jobs? If you charge $400 per month for a site with utilities, and if you can hire someone for $10 an hour, that's 40 hours work total per month. That's about 10 hours of work a week to pay for the site -- 10 hours total, not 10 for the wife and 10 for the husband.

Be sure your ad includes the following: City and state where the job is located; it can be helpful to include an area, such as which part of the state. The approximate dates you need help, including the year. Your contact information, preferably two types, such as email and phone.

Try again using these suggestions and I think you will soon see improved ad responses. Let me know how it goes.

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