Ad Hoc Group

- the On-the-Road RV Business of Working RVer Michele Boyer
(Multiple Income Streams - Options for Working RVers)

My name is Michele and my business is the Ad Hoc Group. I hope what I’m going to tell you rekindles your faith in your ability to earn all the money you need. I began working from home in the 1970's.

We moved to a small community. With both my husband and me in the same career, respiratory therapy, he was offered the only opening and I was left to find creative ways to supplement our income. This was a welcome problem for me, though, as our first child was born soon after that move, and it was a blessing that I was able to stay home and take care of her.

My first business was a welcoming service, but over the years we’ve refilled toner cartridges, published ad flyers, delivered durable medical equipment, certified people for CPR and first aid, done extensive freelance writing and videos, stock photography–whatever was legal, easy and inexpensive to setup.

As the millennium approached we realized we weren’t going to get to travel until we retired, which seemed an eternity away. So, we quit our jobs, took a course in commercial trucking and headed out to drive the big rigs. But, that was short lived. We loved the driving and travel, but, honestly, the real work of commercial trucking was way beyond our endurance level.

RVing was our ideal way to travel. It had all the advantages of trucking without the challenges–or the income. During a short return to our hospital careers we revised our plan, bought an Airstream, and started making the transition, again. We began developing our website promoting affiliate and business startups.

I took AWAI’s copywriting, travel writing and resume preparation courses. Those skills and our years of freelancing experience let us embark on full-time RVing with sources of income that were portable, flexible and sufficient to follow our dream.

Currently I’m writing RVing articles for and legal and medical web pages and blogs. He does the research and keeps my facts straight. When we need extra income, work camping is always an option, as are other writing jobs. With so many opportunities to freelance, we usually find something even if only for a few weeks.


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