Activity Directors Worker Profile

- Working RVer Story of Bill and Mary Condry
(RV Park Activity Directors Are Musicians and Entertainers )

Bill and Mary Condry love playing music and making people laugh. And that is the core of what they do in their daily work as RV park activity directors. They make friends. They entertain. "Most RVers love to have fun," comments Bill. "We try our best to keep them busy and enjoying themselves."

When I interviewed the Condry’s, they were working as the activity directors at Indian Nation RV Park in Thackerville, OK. They arrived at the RV park as paying guests.

Ever ready musicians, Bill and Mary played outside their rig in the evenings. The park owners heard the music and the laughter. They saw how RVers gathered around. They saw the easy bantering and good times. Before long, they asked the Condrys to stay on as activity directors.

Bill and Mary plan the schedule and lead the way. There aim for something fun each day.

Their musical expertise surfaces in many of the activities. They have their own sound system and instruments. They can perform under a variety of conditions and situations. They easily adapt to the needs of the park. They can perform as a duo or collaborate with other musicians at a moment's notice.

Tuesday evenings, they host a camper's talent night, with Bill as emcee. They provide background music for RVers wanting to sing, dance, play instruments, or otherwise participate. If the crowd lacks volunteers, Bill and Mary carry on, filling in the evening with songs, jokes, and stories.

Wednesday evening is the official jam session. However, flyers posted around the resort direct anyone who would like to jam to see Bill at his site, regardless of the day.

They provide music for Sunday

morning worship service and the Thursday evening gospel sing-a-long.

Friday and Saturday evenings, the Condrys host live guest entertainment. Or their band, Cut and Shoot Country, provides a show. They also lead the park band, The Indian Nation Drifters, which, aptly enough, is comprised of musicians drifting through the park. They support guest performers. Their background helps them in coordinating other musical acts and in assisting the other performers.

Although much of what they do centers on music, they lead other activities, too. They host weekly activities such as bingo, games, and a potluck supper. Weekdays, Mary teaches line dancing and leads the water exercise and craft classes. They coordinate the twice-monthly flea markets. They hold monthly birthday and anniversary celebrations.

The Condrys have been the activity directors at Indian Nation for two years. They work March through November at the resort. The remaining months they are free to travel. They take their band on the road, visit family, or travel as they choose.

They do the work they do because they enjoy the interaction with the other campers. However, they are part of the park’s paid staff.

Bill and Mary play a large role in helping everyone who comes to the park feel at home. This includes other entertainers who come to the park as well as other RVers. They take an active roll in greeting new arrivals and welcoming them.

When asked what advice they would give other RVers who might be interested in being activity directors, they stressed the necessity of having a positive attitude and a good outlook on life. As the Condrys put it, "When you laugh, others laugh with you. Having fun is contagious!"


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