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Welcome to the Work For RVers and Campers website.

The founders of Workers On Wheels, Bob and Coleen spent over a decade living in a recreational vehicle of some kind or another. They included several travel trailers, a pickup camper, a park model trailer, and a motorhome. Along the way, they worked and supported them selves. They are proof that it is not only possible, but practical, to earn a living while full-time RVing.

Much of what They wrote is based on their experience. Some of it comes from corresponding with thousands of campers and RVers. They also share what they gleaned from employers and managers who hire and work with work campers and other RV workers.

In June, 2020 Coleen suddenly passed away and her husband Bob wanted to continue to service the Workers on Wheels community with the website and newsletter. While Camp Working with Bob, I offered to contine to publish and maintain the website and newsletter.  Our goal is to service the Campworking community with quality help wanted ads, infromation, and to keep the publication going in honor of Coleen.

They published the first Workers On Wheels newsletter, the forerunner of this website, in February 1994. That 8-paper publication turned into a 32-page magazine. Then, it became the Workers On Wheels website and the Workers On Wheels electronic newsletter (WOW E-zine).

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I look forward to contuning this great publication that Coleen started and to offer great Work Camping ads and ideas to help you be great work campers.

Great and safe travels,

Jim Erickson,  motorcoachingnewbietopro@gmail.com

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