A New Start

- Workers On Wheels RVers Charles & Rondie write....
(Doing Lowe's Rebuilds, Campground Work with Pay, and Artists)

At Rancheros RV Park in Santa Fe, MN

At Rancheros RV Park in Santa Fe, MN

We left Lowe's corporation two weeks ago for a new start. We are taking temporary time off of the traveling and store rebuilds and the long hours and stress.

Now we are in heaven, in Santa Fe, NM. We are at Rancheros RV Park. We did get the camp worker position you advertised months ago. It helped that we have stayed at the park twice before and knew the people running it.

We just love the owner, Tom, and mangers, Sue and Dave. We made friends with them three years ago while camping here. Now we are work camping here three hours a day, six days a week.

This is like a 6-month vacation with pay, working just a few hours a day. Our RV site is covered, laundry free, store 25% off, fuel at cost, electric free, cable, wifi, and $1,300 month for 6 months.

After five years of corporate travel every day, and three years RV fulltime travel, this is a much needed, relaxing, fun time.

We also plan to sell some of our flagstone art and photo work I do in and around the area.

We have made this all work for us, and many others can, too. We have restored our vintage Airstream trailer while living and traveling full time, seen at least 37 different states, and made so many new friends. Great life! See you all down the road.


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