Christmas Tree Sales and Other Holiday Tree Industry Jobs

Working Christmas tree farms and sales lots are one way RVers make a sizeable chunk of money in a few weeks. Besides selling, someone assembles wreaths, makes deliveries, and gives farm tours.

Christmas Tree Lots and Christmas Tree Farms

You've probably seen travel trailers or motorhomes parked on holiday tree sales lots. Chances are the RVer is managing the lot. The job usually runs from mid-November through the end of December. RVers tell me the work can be hard, the hours long, and the money excellent.

Holiday tree farms and retailers need workers. Laura Bilger of the National Christmas Tree Association tells me one of the biggest problems in their industry is finding temporary laborers.

Bilger suggests going to the Association's website, and selecting "find a tree near you." From there, you choose a state and are given a list of tree farms and retail lots in that state. Bilger suggests that you then directly contact any that are in your desired work area.

The Association works with state and regional holiday tree associates. Their website has contact information for those organizations.

The Christmas Tree Farm Network also has a directory of tree farms.

Here's a partial list of jobs in the Christmas tree industry:

  •   lot sales managers
  •   lot assistants
  •   yard and display decorators
  •   assemble wreaths
  •   farm tour guides and hosts
  •   laborers to move and load trees
  •   handymen around the farms and lots
  •   office workers
  •   delivery drivers
  •   entertainers for special events
  •   concession stand workers
  •   activity planners
  •   tree planting and care

Selling trees is probably the job that comes to mind when we mention working with holiday trees. But the corner retail lot is only part of it. You can also find work with wholesalers and at choose and cut farms and nurseries. Nursery and garden centers also hire seasonal workers before and during the holidays.

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