40-Somethings Living Life Our Way

- Terri, Knotts Island, NC
(Loving Our Life as Working, Full-time RVers)

Gabby, the Full-time RVing Blue Tic Beagle

Gabby, the Full-time RVing Blue Tic Beagle

My husband, Bryan, and I are full time RVers. We are both in our 40's and we also have Gabby with us everywhere we go. She is our 4 year old Blue Tic Beagle.

We both have done the traditional stick homes, cars, bills up the wazoo, "This is the American way" thing. We chose the RV lifestyle and have traveled the country working and playing in places of our choice.

Our "home base" is in northeastern North Carolina, but the lower 48 is our playground.

At the end of each season, I jump online and start looking for the next great adventure. This is usually an extensive research project at first. Then turns into a lot of email inquiries, to a lot of different places. The final stage involves more emails back and forth, playing phone tag and finally reaching the owners or managers of our choice destination. Having in-depth conversations and conference calls, making sure it will be the right fit for all involved and setting our arrival date. Then the work of saving an ample amount of "running" money and extra for the "just in case" things. Making sure the RV is road ready and up to date on all licenses and insurance. All fluids changed and every system gone over with a fine tooth comb in preparation.

We are not independently wealthy nor do we collect retirement. We must work at paying jobs like "normal" people in order to live a comfortable life. Every penny earned goes towards everyday living, the cell phone bill, insurance, and other misc. things.

We wouldn't have things any other way. Life is good when you're waking up everyday doing what you want, with the one you love, and enjoying each day. We wouldn't change a thing about our lifestyle or choice to be full timers.

Life is too short not to enjoy each day you're given. Living the RVers' life is the only way to go.

Thanks for letting me share. See you on the road (or on site in anywhere, USA)!

Bryan and Terri Hetzel


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