$22 an Hour as a Softball Umpire

- RVer Doug Dammeier
(RVer Works as Umpire for Slow Pitch Softball Games)

Full-time RVing allows me to work year round as an umpire for slow pitch softball games. I pay $75 per year in USSSA or ASA fees, buy a shirt and hat, and I'm in business. I'm 59 years of age and the work is both easy and enjoyable.

My name is Doug and my wife Paula and I live full-time in our motor home. We stay in the Florida area during the winter months and roam up north during the spring and summer.

Each game pays $22 and there is usually an hour time limit on the games. I usually do 3-4 games per night and can work 4-5 nights per week. If I do 15 games a week (15 hours) I earn $330 a week. And, if I decide to do a Saturday/Sunday tournament I usually get 10 games for another $220.

I'm an independent contractor and have to account for my own taxes, but the money is great and the work very enjoyable for a sports fan, either male or female.

Softball is played everywhere in the country and plenty of work is available no matter where you live and it's a great way to earn income while enjoying the RV lifestyle.


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