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(26 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Campground Job)

Somewhere in your newsletter I read one time of 20 questions you should ask the prospective employer and I can't find it again. Can you help me out? I wish I had these questions last year when I accepted a job in a RV park. I had some issues with the hours worked but had nothing in writing or a verbal agreement.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Here are 26 questions RVers might want to ask prospective campground owners to help them decide if a particular work camper position is the right match.

1. Hour many hours must I work for the "free" RV site?

2. Are extra work hours for pay available? How many?

3. Are those hours per person or per couple?

4. Are the hours in full day blocks, or split shifts?

5. Do my spouse and I get the same days off?

6. What hookups are provided at no extra charge?

7. Are other hookups available, if I pay for them?

8. Is a phone line for my use provided? Where? (Office? On my site?)

9. Is cable or satellite television service available? Included in ?"free?" site?

10. Is DSL or Cable internet service available or provided? Included in "free" site?

11. Am I paid by the hour or by the activity?

12. Do we agree on payment method or schedule (hour or completed project or completed activity)?

13. What constitutes a completed task (for tasks with deliverables such as painting, or construction work)?

14. What do you want me to do, exactly?

15. What are my duties and tasks?

16. If mowing/grounds keeping is involved, are power tools provided?

17. Are the mowers riding, or push type?

18. If the handling of money is involved, is a deposit box provided?

19. When will my employment end? Date or completion of project?

20. What are my responsibilities?

21. Who am I working for?

22. Do I only take direction (orders) from this person or are there others?

23. Do you expect me to use my personal vehicle for company business?

24. Are pets allowed?

25. Are you willing to put all this in writing and sign it?

26. What is it about your best work campers that makes them so successful?

I found this list of questions RVers should ask prior to employment in my notes. I suspect it was the basis for the 20 questions article you mention.

Readers -- you are welcome to comment on these and suggest additional questions you find helpful in choosing a campground or RV park position.

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20 Questions Workcampers Should Ask

These are exactly the questions a workcamper should ask the prospective employer. You can no longer take a person at his word.

When you talk to a prospective employer, try to do it on a speaker phone so you and your spouse can both hear and respond.

Thanks Coleen, you are doing a great job.

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