150 Years of Natural Products

- Independent Watkins Consultant Manager ID #362289
(Selling J.R. Watkins Naturals -- Home Based Business)

Become Part of JR Watkins 150 Years of History

Become Part of JR Watkins 150 Years of History

"Does anybody have their own business selling something REAL?" wrote one of our Workers On Wheels readers. I, (Coleen -- the editor of Workers On Wheels) do and I'm sure glad you asked! I sell pure herbs and spices, pure vanilla extract and other flavorings, convenience foods such as soup bases and dip mixes, all natural body oils and skin care products, natural laundry detergent and other home care products, and old time remedies.

I am an independent sales rep with Watkins. (The official name for that is an Independent Watkins Consultant.) The JR Watkins company has been around for 150 years, since 1868. It is a highly respected company, with its headquarters in Winona, Minnesota.

Watkins products are exceptional quality. You may be familiar with their pure vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, and the old-timey liniments and salves. The products are made in the USA. Watkins does not test products on animals.

Watkins is a direct sales company. I earn a commission on the products I sell to my customers. I also get a discount on the Watkins brand products I buy to use in our home and business.

Watkins is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. So, I also receive bonuses when I sponsor and help associates on my team sell the products. I do NOT get paid just to recruit people. As my network grows, my bonus increases.

I can take catalog orders, sell to stores, set up a booth at shows or fairs, work flea or farmers markets, sell at craft shows and holiday bazaars, sell to family and friends, hold tasting parties, or use other retail methods. My customers may also order from the personalized website Watkins provides me -- they give me the website, free and set-up ready to use.

I do not have to store a bunch of product, so space and weight in the RV

doesn't have to be an issue. There are no requirements for how much I have to order or how often.

When I want to order, I usually order online. However, we can also call in our orders. Watkins will ship directly to the customer or to me, as I specify. Each time I order, I provide the ship-to address. Our frequent moves are not a problem.

When people find out I sell Watkins products, they may want to buy some right now! I like to keep some of the most popular items on hand for the immediate cash and carry sale. Since many of the products are small (tins of spices, tubes of shea butters, tubs of salves), I can keep a reasonable amount of stock in a single Rubbermaid container.

There are no minimums or quotas. I order only as much as I want, when I want. I can work the business a little or a lot. I can work it anywhere in the US, and it is available for Canadians, too. I do not need to order every month. I order when it is convenient for me.

Can you really do this business while on the road RVing? Yes! Absolutely, yes. We are doing it, as our travels take us throughout the USA, from Alaska to the southern border of Texas. It works very well.

The cost to get started is $29.95. There are no monthly fees. No monthly purchase requirements. No monthly website charges.

For more info about becoming an Independent Watkins Consultant; to see the JR Watkins product catalog; or to enroll and start your home business now, click here.

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