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WY: Horse and Wagon Treks on Historic Trails

Historic Trails West, Casper, Wyoming
(Cook in Dutch Ovens and Drive Teams of Horses)

Work with Historic Trails West, Casper, Wyoming

Work with Historic Trails West, Casper, Wyoming

Work with Historic Trails West, Casper, Wyoming Set up Indian Tipis and Trail Tipis

WY: Historic Trails West, Casper, Wyoming. We conduct two-hour, four-hour, one-day, and overnight treks. We do three and five day treks to Old So Pass. We tell the stories of the travelers on the Historic Oregon, California, and Pony Express trails.

Historic Trails West uses prairie schooner style wagons, pulled by a team of draft horses, and riding horses and mules. I am looking for people who can cook in Dutch ovens and drive teams of horses.

Skills required are to be able to saddle horses and mules and harness draft horses. You can read and learn the history as we do talks as we travel along the trails. We set up Indian tipis and trail tipis. You must be able to drive a pick up pulling a horse trailer. With the right people we can teach you how to cook and drive teams. This is from late may through September

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