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WV: Campground Hosts

Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse, Summersville, West Virginia
(Work and Camp near Gauley River National Recreation Area)

Cabin at Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse

Cabin at Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse

Cabin at Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse Overlooking Summersville Lake Retreat from the Lighthouse Lakeview RV Sites at Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse

WV: Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse, Summersville, West Virginia. Summersville Lake Retreat and Lighthouse Campground Hosts are ambassadors to our region. Our Camp Hosts experience living in West Virginia’s most beautiful and historic area, Summersville Lake and the Gauley River National Recreation Area.

Our Hosts can be individuals or teams such as a husband and wife. Hosts will have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and perhaps develop new friendships. One of the most important benefits Host’s receive is a sense of satisfaction that comes in knowing you have helped make the camping experience more enjoyable for other campers.

They perform a variety of tasks such as greeting customers, handing out information, replacing restroom supplies, cleaning campsites, picking up litter and informing the manager about potential problems.

Hosts will serve as official greeters and must like people, be courteous, outgoing and helpful to all of our guests. Hosts also need to be physically capable of performing these duties. Campground Hosts are also expected to be observant for situations within the campground that require immediate attention by staff and/or outside emergency assistance.

Hosts provide their own lodging and are provided a campsite with utility hookups and WIFI. This also provides a friendly presence in our campground.

The Manager will approve specific duty hours and assignments not to exceed 25 hours per week. We do offer wages for hours worked over the 25 initial hours for the site. We ask for at least a commitment from April 1 – October 31.

Hosts need to become familiar with local points of interest and the location where local services can be obtained; e.g., fuel, LP, bait, groceries. Hosts will perform light maintenance work around the campground such as litter pick-up, sweeping and stocking supplies at the showerhouse, making emergency minor repairs when possible and various other duties.

Hosts will take no law enforcement measure other than being observant and advising users of unintentional infractions. Flagrant violators will be reported to the manager who is responsible for the campground. Hosts may be asked to serve as

a witness for flagrant violators that have been observed.

Hosts will set an example by being model campers, practicing good housekeeping at all times, in and around the host site, and by observing all rules and regulations. On Duty hours will be mutually agreed between the manager and the host.

Responsibilities served in a variety of ways:

• 1. Greet campers, answer questions and orient them to the park and region.
• 2. Set example for others by keeping host site clean and neat.
• 3. Be accessible to campers for comments or complaints.
• 4. Understand and explain ~ not enforce ~ park rules and regulations.
• 5. Help maintain campground ~ pick up litter, clean campsites after guests check out, replenish restroom supplies and assist in keeping the showerhouse clean.
• 6. Check windshields for passes to ensure park fees are paid. Collect fees, if office is closed.
• 7. Contact Park Staff and other law enforcement personnel about emergencies.
• 8. Be available after office is closed to assist campers to their sites, collect fees and maintain quiet hours for on-site managers.
• 9. Help with the day to day campground operations; working in office, gift shop or gatehouse, yard work, helping with small construction projects, lighthouse tours, boat rentals, etc.

• Full Hookup Campsite with WIFI
• Use of recreational amenities based on availability
• Staff Shirts and Hat
• Wages after working 25 hours for your site
• 25% Discount on all amenities and gift shop items

Phone: 304-872-5975

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This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. Please tell the campground owner that you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. This position for working RVers posted in October. Summersville Lake Retreat & Lighthouse, Summersville, West Virginia.

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