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Jobs Working with Dogs for RVers and Campers

Is a job working with dogs and full-time RVing your dream combination? Options range from volunteering at animal shelters, to career positions at dog shows, to working in canine campgrounds.

There's a need for dog walkers and doggy day care providers at campgrounds. There are certainly times when we'd like to leave our pooch in the RV while we go away for a long day. It would be great to have someone at the park to take her on a short walk or let her out for a potty break. And, just to check to make sure she isn't barking.

There's also a need for dog sitters at campgrounds. We stayed in one particular campground for a couple weeks, and then returned there in subsequent years, because they had a pet sitter in the park. It made it possible for us to go on side trips for a few days and to take a week's vacation. Our critters could have the familiarity of home and be home in their beds at night. But, during the day, they had someone come over to feed and care for them. And, to give them attention.

Dog obedience classes and dog training are things you could do at campgrounds and at public venues. Until recently, I was under the impression that when you signed up for dog obedience school that it was a class that met regularly, for a specified number of sessions. Turns out you can take just one session.

Every once in a while on an RVing forum, someone will ask about doing dog grooming or bathing dogs at campgrounds. There most always is a rash of responses saying why it isn't possible. And, then, there's someone who says he does it. And a lot of people then usually ask for his schedule or otherwise comment that they need his service.

Sell dog related products at craft shows, dog shows, flea markets, or other special events. At one flea market we worked, the vendor next to us primarily sold dog figurines. At another market, the neighboring vendor sold t-shirts airbrushed with dog breeds. Both were busy.

You could develop an educational program or presentation. It might be on the benefits of spay and neutering. Or, on do-it-yourself dog grooming.

You might do clicker training or teach clicker training.

Some RVers have a career working with dogs at shows. They show, judge, or trail. They work as handlers and groomers. Others work the shows at trade show reps, for dog food companies or other suppliers.

An animal shelter position is another option. This would be particularly good if you have some time to volunteer in exchange for an RV site.

These aren't the only jobs working with dogs, but it should be enough to get you started thinking about the possibilities.

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