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Work Wanted: Stephen and Kimberly Midkiff

Stephen Midkiff
(Part-Time RVes with a 1990 30 Ft. Pinnacle)

Myself and my wife Kimberly have been married for 14 years and have brought together two separate families and made one. Our children have all moved on, married and or scheduled to attend college in the fall.

We are looking for a place that we can experience all the things that life has to offer. We enjoy meeting new people and trying new things, We have a strong bond and have worked with each other very closely for many years. I am a retired union electrician, my wife has 14 years of experience in customer service and retail.
As we have discussed in detail what it is exactly we would enjoy, the main thing that comes to mind is, working together. We have accomplished a lot together over the course of the last 14 years. We are looking to experience our relationship together as a couple for the first time again. We are now in a position where we do not want to be employed full-time nor are we required to in sustaining our way of life.
As a boy I was raised in a machine shop that my father started in our basement. In high school I worked as a farm hand baling hay, taking care of livestock etc. As a rebellious teen I entered the military at the age of 17 as a tank vehicle repairer. Upon coming home from the military I started work at a John Deere dealership as a mechanic. I decided to return and acquire my GED it 1990 at which time I attended ITT Technical Institute in Evansville Indiana. I took a job at Barnes TV as an apprentice while attending ITT I acquired my Certified Electronics Technician as well as my satellite antenna journeymanship. After struggling financially I was approached by an electrician who was knowledgeable of my skills and suggested I take the test. I arrived in Jonesboro Arkansas to take my journeyman electrician's test and passed with flying colors. As an electrician the majority of the time I spent was on the road, I was a robotics specialist but have worked in all phases whether it be residential, commercial or Industrial.
Upon a divorce in 2002, I was awarded custody of my two sons. me and Kimberly were married later that year. We relocated to Evansville, IN and I took a position as a maintenance supervisor for a large property management company. For many years I have worked in the apartment industry. Which gives me a good background in grounds maintenance, curb appeal, customer service, HVAC, electrical plumbing, carpentry, drywall, window replacements, door replacement, staffing of technicians and follow up for areas such as budgetary planning, reporting, work order compilation and tracking.
My wife started her teenaged years working for the Girl Scouts of America at Camp Pennyroyal as a kitchen cook and grounds person. She worked with them for a few years growing up. She continued to work and volunteer with them some years later. Her employment into retail started right after high school. She worked with Wal-Mart in many different aspects of their business starting on the sales floor and eventually working her way into the personnel manager position. During this time she acquired a great skill set for customer service, stocking, ordering, working with vendors, clean up and safety of a service environment. Money handling, security, operation of computer systems, data entry, clerical and the list goes on. After our marriage she has worked close to me because of this we were able to open our own business. Kimberly opened our cleaning and painting business based around the turn around of apartments. Cleaning, painting, minor drywall repair, were the services we offered.
We are both adventurous committed responsible and we guard our integrity is our highest moral. We have obtained a 30 foot recreational vehicle which we are currently rebuilding. We plan to be ready to begin our road adventures by mid-September to early October 2016. We are not Country Club people my wife is born and raised in Kentucky I was born in Michigan and raised in Indiana. We both enjoy little things in life and don't ask for a lot. I believe our skill set as a couple is undeniable, but I also believe that our personality and our commitment to whatever we are doing you will not find elsewhere. For the last 14 years we have spent the majority of our time together whether it was gardening. installing satellites, rebuilding an engine or a transmission in a vehicle, repairing ATVs, golf carts, Sea-Doos etc. . We have what I consider the strongest of relationships both personal and professional. Please take a moment in consideration of us for this position and feel free to contact either of us with any questions or requests. Thank you for your time and consideration and have a great day.
Stephen and Kimberly Midkiff
270-935-7154 Stephen
270-363-6209 Kimberly

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