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Work Wanted: Robert And ViVian Borgsmiller

(Working RVers with Retail Experience)

Hello our Names are Robert "Bob: ViVian "ViV" Borgsmiller. We are experienced in retail for quite a while. Bob Started at Grandpa John's in Murphysboro, Il. in 1957 after his 2 year US

Army career, he worked for his father at Murphysboro, Il for 7 years and then bought half his fathers store which he operated for another 8-9 years. He then bought a True Value store in Murphysboro, Il. Which he operated for about 15 years. He sold out to his brother in the meantime to work the True Value full time. He has experience with Cattle. hogs, and farming. Row crop and haying experience. He was born on Oct, 23, 1934, which makes him 81 years old and very willing to work, and has the want too also. His wife ViVian Borgsmiller of 28 years is also experienced in work, with 27 years as a dairy farmer wife (first marriage) and then has experience in retail working for my brother, myself, for approximately 8 to 10 years. We are both experienced in retail in Alaska for 4 summers, 2 years in Hershey, Pa, and 4 years at Amazon.com for the peak rush season. We have been doing Gate Guard service for the last 3 years, and we are now located in Tx. and would like to stay fairly close to this location. We can be reached at 1 618 303 2350 or 1 618 303 2628 or email rjborgs@msn.com or vaborgs@msn.com

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