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Work Wanted: Maribeth and Robert Ditmars

Maribeth Ditmars
(Full-time RVing with a 5th Wheel Trailer)

Full-time RVers Looking for Work

Full-time RVers Looking for Work

Hello from Maribeth and Rob. We are a semi-retired couple looking for work camping for the spring and/or summer of 2017 (We are flexible.)

Maribeth is a retired teacher with excellent kid and people skills!
• Certified Teacher grades 1-6
• Arts and crafts
• Mural painting
• Drama
• Environmental and Natural Science
• Tutoring
• Experience with children’s camp programs
• Experienced hiker, kayaker,tennis
• Sales experience
• Speaks conversational Spanish

Rob has lots of business experience and a winning personality!
• Former owner painting subcontracting company
• Restaurant management
• Private Club management
• Owns Cruiseone franchise online travel agency
CONTACT: Maribeth: 941-650-7773 maribethrditmars@gmail.com

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