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Work Wanted: John and Tracy Seekins

Tracy Seekins
(Have 2004 Damon Challenger -- Looking for Work)

Tracy has been the manager of a small/medium sized park in Central Florida for the past 18 months. WE finally got our "new to us" class A RV and are itching for a new adventure.

I always feel that in a situation where you will live where you work, the workers must be a fit for the needs and the owners/bosses should be a fit for the workers as well. I really look forward to making new contacts and finding the right situation for us all.

Our Ideal Situation
All said, we are always honest and often blunt. So what we'd really like most would be a position where Tracy could be doing office work or working in a camp store for most of whatever hours are required. She can do up to 30 hours depending on the compensation package and type of work. John's health varies and he'd love to be working in maintenance or construction of some sort, but his hours need to be fairly limited. He is looking for 20 or less hours per week.
We'd also happily consider a position where only Tracy was working if that's what you are looking for. Though, again I'll be honest, I'm not a cleaning person. I lack that gene I think. And I am where flowers go to die so if you need someone to help with a garden I am more than likely not it. (unless of course you like your garden brown lol)

Need a short term worker?

We're up for that. Looking for a longer term? Happy to discuss.
Just want a website created? Love to talk about it.

Ideally we are looking for a position that includes FHU site and some pay. Though for the right position and hours simply have the FHU site is possible. Personally Tracy wants to finally manage to head west (we've tried a couple times and ended up in the east again every time). But we'd happily consider the right position in a warm climate. We also have family in Maine who we'd like to spend some time with during the summer months. So we are open to almost anything.

We are looking to get back on the road. So we are happy to discuss options.
I spent many hours putting our entire resume on a webpage with photos and more here if you'd like to read more.

We are very interested in finding a good fit for us and for you.
email me at or you can call me (office phone is the only phone I answer 24/7) at 352-748-6007

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