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Work Wanted Ad and Situation Wanted Ads Submitted In December

Work campers are available for jobs. Need a worker who can travel? Someone to work only a few days or weeks? A worker who provides his own on-site housing? These RVers seek campground jobs and more.

Placing a Work Wanted Ad -- RVers, we're happy to post your Work Wanted ad or resume on our website. There is no charge to you. Submit on the form you'll find by clicking here.

Resumes and Work Wanted Ads

Click on the links below to see the full Work Wanted ads and resumes.

Editor's Note: I do not edit these ads for grammar, spelling, punctuation, or clarity because it would distort the writing and communication skills of the job seekers.

Full-Time RVer Looking for Work: Sherry Ryan 
Workamping position needed. I am looking for a Spring/Summer position. I am a married but am a solo worker. I have workamped now since 2012 and know all …

Work Wanted: R. Lynn (Rob) Lucas 
Holiday Greetings!, Yes, here I am once again posting an ad for a position... Due to my turning down nearly a dozens position offers over the past few …

RVer Looking for Work: Carl Baker 
I am currently in Florida West coast and ready for a winter 2016-2017 adventure. I am a gardener by trade and love both design/install & Maintenance, but …

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