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Work Wanted Ads from RVers Seeking Paid and Volunteer Jobs -- Posted in January

Work Wanted ads from RVers and campers looking for campground jobs, park host positions, or other employment. The ads on this page, posted as we received them, were posted in January.

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Resumes and Work Wanted Ads

Click on the links below to see the full Work Wanted ads and resumes.

Editor's Note: I do not edit these ads for grammar, spelling, punctuation, or clarity because it would distort the writing and communication skills of the job seekers.

Work Wanted: Hope and Hunter Lavigne 
Hi Everyone,We are Hope and Hunter Lavigne. We are seeking employment. We have 20+ years in corporate America and are full-time travelers now. We are …

Work Wanted: Gayle and Jerry Gibson 
We retired early from our professional jobs in September 2016. See attached resumes for our professional and skills background. We are both very active …

Work Wanted: The Rhodes Family 
Hello! We are a family of 4 "1/2"....Chad, Jennifer, Connor, Nessa, & our furry tag-along Henry. We have been traveling & working for 2 full years now! …

Work Wanted by RVing Musician: Greg Richards 
Single retired musician looking to exchange live music/ entertainment for RV site w/FHU. played in almost every state in Las Vegas show bands as well as …

Work Wanted: Janet and Lawrence (LW) McNeil 
Workamping Position wanted in Maine for summer 2017-approx May1-Oct1,2017 We are looking for a FHU site with WiFi provided as a bonus in exchange for …

RVers Looking for Work: Lovell and Joy Hein 
William Lovell 1984 - 1989. Assistant Grocery Manager for Ingles Inc. 1989 - 2013. Georgia State Patrol 2013- 2015.  Maintenance worker at …

Work Wanted: Jerry and Francine O'Nesky  
Looking for camp work for July & August 2017. Have RV to live in. Retired. Worked at Sioux Falls KOA 4 1/2 months 2016. Office, maintenance,cleaning, electrical, …

Work Wanted: Sarah Michelle Belden 
Sarah M. Belden P.O. Box 223, Shawnee, CO 80475 C. 720-360-6980 ________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL …

RVers Looking for Work: Gary and Linda Smith 
Retired couple seeking part-time summer employment for Summer of 2017. Both have Bachelors Degrees, Gary's is in Accounting, Linda's is in Education. (Science). …

Work Wanted: Mr. and Mrs. John R. Shaver Sr. 
To whom it may concern: My wife and I are on the road in the South Carolina area. Would love to work camp for site. Have experience and have been work …

Work Wanted: Jennifer Poupard 
I am looking for a camp host job for 2017 season, preferably in the Midwest but I am open to the right position. Site and hourly wage preferred, type of …

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