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Work Dates in Ads

G L Webb
(Corydon, In. USA)

I really enjoy your news letters and I clearly understand your need to print on as-submitted basis. But when do you remove an ad? I was reading the classified (this is December 2009) and some stated work available until August or September of 2009.

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How the Job Listings Cycle

We remove Help Wanted ads, or the contact and identifying information in them, when the employer or volunteer coordinator lets us know the positions are filled, or otherwise asks us to remove them. Sometimes, that happens within hours of our posting the ad. Sometimes they never contact us to let us know, in which case the ads can stay posted for up to a year.

At the beginning of each new month, I go in and delete all the ads that were posted to that month last year. For example, on December 1, 2009, I deleted all the ads that were posted during December 2008. Now, throughout this month, I keep adding new job listings to the December page as I receive them. Unless the employer asks me to remove them, they stay there until the first of December next year, when it all repeats.

Come January 1, I'll do the same with the January page. I'll delete all the ads that are now there, those posted in January 2009. Ads that come in during January 2010 will go up.

On February 1, I move on to the February page. Delete the old. Start adding the new.

March 1, same thing. Delete what is there. Add those that come in March.

Each month, I move ahead one month, updating my way through the year. The process keeps cycling around the calendar.

I don't know which particular ads you are referring to that show the work is available until August or September 2009. But, I'm guessing they are posted on a month early in the year. An employer could have submitted his ad in, say, February, that he was looking for summer 2009 help, starting in May 2009 and ending in August 2009. Unless he notified me that he filled the position, that ad would stay up until the beginning of February 2010.

Does this clarify how the job listing system works? If not, let me know and I will try again. Or, if someone else has an easier way to explain it, feel free chime in here.

Need Feedback

I've noticed that for this December very few new adds have been posted for the month. Is this indicative of the economy?

If so, the public needs to be made more aware of the value of workampers. We bring great skills and talents to ALL industries and at a very nominal cost.

Would love to see some feed back on this topic.

Ad Dates

Good explanation. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Vicki & I enjoy your website.
May God Bless.

Value of Working RVers in a Poor Economy

Frank, I'd like to have some feedback on that, too. So, I started a discussion page on it, so it doesn't get lost here.

Click on the link and post your thoughts about it.
Value of Working RVers in a Poor Economy

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