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Work by State

Fred Day

Question: Would it be possible to list the want ads by state and also if pay per hour is offered? I am on a fixed income like most, and look for paying jobs plus camp site. I also tend to stay in certain states. Thank you.


Coleen answers: Fred, you asked so nicely, it makes me want to find a way to do that for you.

We list the Help Wanted classified ads by month so that our readers know which ads are new and which aren't. Also, if you see the same campground advertising for work campers month after month, that should tell you something.

Still, I see your point.

We just recently started putting "Canada" at the beginning of those ads for job openings there. Perhaps we could do something similar for the individual states.

Would it help if each Help Wanted started with the state name or state abbreviation? You'd still need to scan through the list, but those in areas where you want to work should stand out.

You could also do a "find" for the state. That would take you to those you are interested in, one after the other. It would skip those positions in other states.

About marking which positions pay an hourly wage, I have another question for you. Do you mean those positions that pay for all hours worked? Or, would you mark those that have, or may have, some work time paid at an hourly rate, along with some hours worked for the RV site?

I'm open to suggestions on this.

Comments for Work by State

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My 2 Cents Worth

I think it would be nice to first see the state where the job is located.

Work by State and Pay

I think the work state by state would help, and yes, if I could search for all paid hours plus site would also be great. Thanks you for your response.

Work by State

Yes, it would be helpful/nice to have the ads begin by which state the job is located.

Are the Changes Helpful?

Okay, the past few updates to the job listings, I've added either the full name of the state or the state abbreviation. Which do you find more helpful?

I've also been trying to note whether the jobs pay a wage for all hours worked, or some pay and some trade, or if it is strictly work for site barter or volunteer.

Take a look and offer your feedback and suggestions.

New Format

Very good, Coleen. I like the new format much better. I think using state abbreviations is more appropriate rather than using the entire state name.

It would also be nice to know when each position is filled, but realize that is a lot to ask.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

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