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Whistle Creek Livestock Preserve: Rescued Animals, History, and Hayrides

Our Whistle Creek Livestock Preserve is like a "living livestock museum." Does anyone out there like farm animals, the outdoors, and history? If you do, we have an opportunity for RVers to help.

by Lucinda L. Weaver & D. James Yount
(St. Joseph, Missouri, USA)

We show our rescued livestock to visitors and tell them about their breed history, including their countries of origin, what their colors mean and why some have horns and others don't. In addition to the livestock history tour and hayrides, we offer cookouts and entertainment in the spring, summer and fall.

Whistle Creek Livestock Preserve is situated in the rolling hills of NW Missouri, St. Joseph. We are nearly smack dab in the middle of the US. We're about 50 miles north of Kansas City on I-29, 30 miles west of I-35, and between I-80 and I-70.

St. Joseph can brag of many "firsts" when it comes to history, and we have the museums to prove it. The stories we tell are tied to the history of the area as St. Joseph was the major "jumping off" town for the Oregon and California Trails in 1949 (the California Gold Rush), 1950, and 1951.

Work would consist of feeding and caring for 11 different breeds of bovines, 5 breeds of horses, and 2 breeds of mules, in addition to donkeys, pigs, sheep, dogs, and cats. Then, there are always fences to fix and other farm chores. Two to 18 hours of labor per week is available in exchange for a free RV site. An additional salary for additional work is negotiable.

We need someone for May, June, July, August, September, and October. We can divide that into two sessions - May through July, and Aug through Oct.

Whistle Creek has applied for Not-For-Profit status with the IRS, which is pending at this writing.

Email cweaver@unitedwb.coop or phone 816-232-6141.

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