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TX: Animal Rescue Ranch Volunteers

Kendalleise Rescue Ranch, Boerne, Texas
(Rescue for Ranch Animals in the Texas Hill Country)

Kendalleise Rescue Ranch Animals in Pasture

Kendalleise Rescue Ranch Animals in Pasture

Kendalleise Rescue Ranch Animals in Pasture RV Location on Property for Ranch Volunteers Llamas at Kendalleise Rescue Ranch

TX: Kendalleise Rescue Ranch, Boerne, Texas, is a non profit organization. We take in small ranch animals that have been somebody's pet and the donors life situation has changed. These pets are people friendly and used to being part of a family structure.

Kendalleise Rescue Ranch gives these ranch animals a good home. We also share them with the community, such as home school programs, military services programs and other related programs that help others in animal therapy.

We need ranch hands to come stay on our property for 2-3 months to help feed, water and clean animal pens. The ranch duties are easy to learn and only require 2 hrs. a day 7 days a week. You would need to be able to lift 50lbs of feed bags, but we have carts and several types of equipment to help with some of the lifting, but it's not a lot of lifting.

For your help on the ranch we offer a hookup on a nice location to park your RV, 30amp hookup, septic and water.

Picture above is of a previous RV camp worker that was recently here on the property for the Christmas Holiday.

Our animal rescue is located in the Texas Hill Country.

If you would be interested in coming and experiencing ranch living on a rescue ranch please give us a call.

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