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Turtle Rock Resort

Resort Owner

Party in Our Rec Room

Party in Our Rec Room

Turtle Rock Resort invites you to come work camp on the sunny part of the southern Oregon coast. We are in Gold Beach, Oregon, which gets more clear days than any place on the coast from San Francisco to British Columbia!

We're within walking distance to the beach, in an incredibly dynamic, estuarine environment. The creek and the ocean are fascinating to watch on a daily basis. Gold Beach is a small, friendly coastal town with basic services available.

At Turtle Rock Resort, we consider our work camper staff a very valuable asset to our resort and we try to create a cooperative, respectful, friendly work atmosphere. We consider happiness important and contagious. Our goal is to have cheerful staff, management, and guests. We have a reputation for being a friendly place -- and being friendly is certainly a fun way to be.

Work campers are used for all aspects of our resort, from office to maintenance, and everything in between. We try to place our staff in positions that they enjoy and are skilled in, and ask that everyone be flexible by helping out wherever needed. To do these jobs requires the staff be in good physical health, able to walk up and down stairs, mow, weed whip, clean spas, etc. Office workers must have basic computer skills. Computerized reservation system experience is a plus. We prefer non-smokers.

Scheduling is done in blocks of time so you can fulfill your 20 hours work trade a week
for your full hookup site without working just a few hours each day. You have the rest of your week to explore and enjoy the area.

Our work campers describe us as easy going, providing a fun environment, and treating our staff as a family. That’s the way we want it, and of course, our bottom line is we are running a business that takes a lot of work. Turtle Rock is owned and run by my husband and myself; we are not a big corporation.

We have a new, large rec room with exercise facilities that is available to staff. We have a good time with potlucks and gatherings, yoga classes, basket classes, and other fun things. Work campers are welcome to organize other events.

We are open year round and hire work campers for a minimum of six months. Work campers must be self-supporting, as this is a trade with extra work available dependent on occupancy, but not guaranteed.

If our program sounds like it might meet your needs please go to to read more details.

Turtle Rock Resort
Gold Beach, Oregon

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