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Tropical Palms in Kissimmee Florida

An RVer
(Kissimmee, Florida)

It is so beautiful there. The people are so friendly and come from all over to camp there. Old Town is just walking distance away where there are so many activities for the young and old...

Tropical Palms Resort and Campground

2650 Holiday Trail
Kissimmee, FL 34746
(407) 396-4595


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Photos of Tropcial Palms Resort?

Do you have any pictures of the park you could share with us?

Did you work for the resort when you were there?

Has anyone else stayed at Tropical Palms? What did you like best about it?

We Stayed There

Great park. We stayed there a few years ago with friends. Had a great time even though power went out.

Funny to see the RVers panic without electric. Most didn't know how to live on battery or run generator.

Tropical Palms

Tropical Palms is a beautiful resort, but the streets are narrow when parking your RV. Nice people, nice store, nice area. Very colorful.

Dianne and Randy Chambers

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