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The Value of Old Ads


Another problem is that some positions that are filled are not then removed. There is nothing more annoying than getting excited reading an ad and then at the end of it says this position is already filled. What is the point of that other than wasting someone's time, and aggravating them?

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Old Help Wanted Ads Have Lots of Value

The point of leaving up all the Help Wanted ads is to help you in planning and preparing for the future. You can use those ads to get ideas of what businesses are looking for. You can use them to get ideas of what they are offering.

You can use them to compare with ads that aren't filled. If you see the same ad for a campground host appearing month after month after month, maybe you would wonder why it is still there when others get filled within hours of posting. If the filled ads were removed, you wouldn't know they were filled; you wouldn't see what they offered; and you wouldn't have them as a standard to compare to.

You can also use the ads in planning from one year to the next because many businesses hire in a pattern. If the Christmas tree farm advertised in July of this year, it probably will advertise in July of next year, so you know when to expect them -- or you can be proactive and contact them in June and be ahead of the game.

You can use the ads to get ideas of what kind of work is out there. Look through them and you may see ads for caretakers at various kinds of properties, for fireworks stands, pumpkin patches, tree lots, holiday warehouse jobs, theme parks, etc.

The company that is hiring people to put up Christmas decorations may have all its positions filled for this year. But, did you know (or stop to think about) that that was even a job possibility? They'll likely be hiring next year. And, if there's one company doing that work, chances are there are many others.

As an experiment a year or so ago, I removed the pages of old ads. Guess what? I heard from many of our readers, asking me to put them back. They gave reasons why they found them useful, some of which I listed for you above.

Instead of seeing the ads as an annoyance, maybe you can use my insights, and those shared by other working RVers, to see the old ads in a new, helpful way.

Old Ads

We have found old adds to be productive even when the job was filled during the month of posting.

We solicit those old adds and have found work from them. Usually the employer has a new opening coming up and will be happy to interview for a quick hire to fill in when the other workamper leaves.

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