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State Park Camp Host Volunteer Jobs

I'd like a state park camp host volunteer position. I've read that you have to apply six months in advance. I see on your website where you have ads for state park positions for this coming season.

Are those old ads or do the state parks really need people to work right now?

Also, I've heard that new campers never get the jobs because they just keep having the same old ones come back every year. That doesn't seem fair that they would have the same ones year after year without giving us new work campers a chance.

Coleen the working while RVing editor replies: Some state park camp host coordinators like to have their volunteers lined up a season ahead of time.

However, doing so means they have a good chance of having last minute cancellations as the beginning of the season nears. RVers have trouble with their RV, have health problems, change their minds, or find a position they think they would like better and cancel. Worse, yet, some just don't show up on the scheduled day. This leaves the camp host program coordinators scrambling to find work campers to take their places.

The ads you see on our website are current for the month they are posted in. So, if this is May, and you see an ad in the April job listings, that means the ad was posted last month.

So, yes, state parks are looking for workers for the current season.

Even during mid-season and close to the end of the season, there are openings for camp hosting at state parks. Some camp hosts don't stay the entire season.

Work camper Frank P. adds an additional reply: Don't give up! Some parks that we have negotiated with are booking the Host position 18 months in advance. Of course, those are the most popular locations.

Park managers prefer having the experienced hosts return since the manager has less employee training to do. Additionally, the experienced host may be better able to serve the guests' needs and concerns.

However, eighteen months ahead, a lot can change. That leaves the park open to the potential of late or last minute cancellations. It is therefore important that you stay in touch with the park so they remember you. On the day you call to say hello and check host status, it might be minutes after the manager received a cancellation, and you might get an offer on the spot.

Good luck.

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