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Selling Jewelry that is Handmade at Flea Markets and Farmer's Markets

We'll be selling jewelry at farmers markets and flea markets. It is jewelry that we make ourselves. We hope to finance our trip with these jewelry sales. Has anyone else done this?

Yes. There are RVers out there paying for their travels by selling the jewelry they make.

You'll find some markets are better suited to jewelry sales than others. When looking for a market, ask the manager what kinds of things sell well. Read the listings in the guidebook or check the website to get an idea of what they are promoting. At some, most everything is used, much like a giant garage sale. Other flea markets have mainly new, cheap import merchandise.

The price point of your jewelry makes a difference as to what to look for in selecting a market.

At one market where we set up with jewelry, we failed miserably. The people there were looking for low dollar items. They wanted things cheap. There was a dented can grocery store on the premises that was doing a booming business. We had turquoise and sterling silver jewelry, handmade by Native American craftsman in New Mexico. People oohed and aahed about it, but very few bought. If we had had 99 cent a pair earrings, we would have done well.

Not long after, we worked a flea market in a summer resort tourist area. Same jewelry, completely different response. Those folks were buying antiques and artwork -- and the carefully crafted, handmade jewelry.

Along with flea markets and farmer's markets, you may want to add other venues. Craft shows, holiday bazaars, gem and jewelry shows, fairs, and festivals are all options for selling jewelry.

Go to the page that lists articles about selling at flea markets.

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