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RVing Full Time and Making Money

Lynne Randall
(Spring Branch, TX USA)

My husband will be retiring in a couple of months. We have been thinking about RVing full time but also working while we travel. I have office skills and my husband is a great mechanic and other handy-man skills. I would also like to find a business I can do on the road. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi Lynne,

First, sign up for our free Workers On Wheels newsletter. It is free. We usually publish it weekly. We send it out by email. You should see a "Subscribe" box on the lower left hand side on many of the pages of this website.

Each issue has working RVer job tips, answers questions working RVers (and prospective working RVers) ask, and includes a list of things RVers do to make money. It also has articles or points to new articles posted on the website. In each issue there is also a section letting you know about some of the specific job openings that have come in during the past week. Depending on the issue, it has worker profiles, employer profiles, book reviews, and other helpful information.

The other thing I suggest you do is to spend time on this website. Read the articles. Go through the question and answer section. Read the employer profiles. Take a look at some of the monthly job listings pages and read the ads. There are hundreds of pages. They will give you numerous ideas, answer many of your questions, and give you things to think about.

Workampers We Have Met

In our three and one half years of workamping we have met people doing the following jobs.

Pet groomer
Cake/cookie maker
RV insurance sales
Camping equipment sales
Security guards
Sheet rockers
Census workers
Park membership sales
Mortgage brokers

I'm sure I left some out, put the above are what is typically found at camp/RV facilities.

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