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RVers Looking for Work: Jim and Joyce Sheeler

RV Full Time
(2015 Open Range Res, Fifth Wheel)

Dear Sir or Madam, This is our resume for Seasonal Camp Host Positions or Positions as Camp Workers: Jim Sheeler retired from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company January 2013 – Experience included 43 years of employment with the first five – ten

years in customer service department assisting customers on the phones with orders for service etc. Last years work experience was in supervision with meter readers and collectors. Managed a team of approximately 30 collectors and meter readers, responsibilities included acting as mediator between upper management and employees, and customers and employees, as well as making sure all the responsibilities of this department were completed in a timely manner. Including downloading information from the hand held units to the regular hard drive for meter readings, as well as monitoring and recording collection activities.
Joyce Sheeler grew up on a ranch and worked with horses extensively training horses for barrel racing and reining. She quit Oklahoma Natural Gas Company in 2005 to keep new grandbaby and work for our church as church secretary. Employed for Oklahoma Natural Gas Company for 25 years in the Human Resource Department as Employee Benefit Coordinator and Health Benefit Coordinator, which included presenting open enrollment programs and assisting employees with enrollment. During the time working as church secretary responsibilities included; keeping computer records of church membership and attendance, offerings, designing and printing Sunday Morning Bulletins, Slide Shows for the Sunday morning services. Extensive computer experience. Produced movies for birthdays, funerals, and different events and recorded them on a DVD.

Employed the 2017 summer season at Rush No More Campground & RV Park, Sturgis, SD. Jim’s duties included the usual maintenance jobs of a campground, plus parking rigs that came into the park, help in keeping the Beer Garden Clean and neat, painting some of the outside buildings and generally whatever needed to be done one his shift. He also helped with situating tents for the Sturgis Bike Rally and worked the security at night. Joyce’s duties included working with Campground Master taking reservations, talking to customers on the phone, keeping the office and store area neat and clean and as usual other duties as assigned. Made sure all motorcyclists had their bands on that allowed them to enter the park.

Employed the 2016 summer season at Jim and Mary’s RV Park in Missoula, Montana. Jim’s duties included repairing and basically keeping the water sprinkler system working, minor repairs in bathrooms, ie leaks on sinks or commodes, using zero turn radius riding lawn mowers and general maintenance work as needed such as cable

repairs on dish network system.
Joyce’s duties consisted of working in the office using Campground Master for reservations, working in flower beds designing and planting, and giving line dance classes and couples trail dance classes once or twice a week as needed.
Worked 2014/15 winter season in Mission Texas at
Mission Bell resort as a camp host. couple duties included meeting and greeting all incoming rigs, making them feel welcome, assisted them in finding the lot that most benefited their desires, needs and their unit size.. Checked all utilities to make sure they were all working correctly and took reading on electrical meters. Jim also assisted Joyce with her classes teaching couples trail dance, two step and waltz. Joyce gave two line dance classes per week and one couples trail dance class, plus private lessons in two step and waltz. The line dance classes and couples classes consisted of between 30 and 50 students in each class,
Worked 2013 summer season at Pokegama Lake RV Resort and Golf Course in Pine City, MN as hosts; duties included mowing, edging, assisting campers and seasonals campers with plumbing needs, bees, and other problems as well as delivering fire wood, cleaning restrooms and general maintenance work. During this season Joyce’s duties included; taking reservations and entering them on Camp Reservation Software on computer, running the cash register and cleaning the store area of the office and the recreation room, balancing the cash drawer in the evening.. In addition helped to initiate the new camp reservation software that had just been loaded on the computer that year.
We presently have a 40 foot Open Range that we pull with a 1 ton Ford truck.
Our rig is a 40 foot 2015 Open Range fifth wheel and a 2015 one ton Ford pickup truck.

References: Larry and Cheryl Abrahamson (Mgrs. Pokegama Park) (651)895-6390
Jay and Linda Reese (coworkers at Mission Bell.) Phone: (209)327-3196
Scott and Cynthia Swafford, Managers @ Mission Bell Phone (956)929-6531O
Jennifer Ballenger Co-owner Jim and Mary’s Park (406)529-0213
Kathy Wall (405)414-1021

Jim Sheeler
Joyce Sheeler 1901 N Flamingo Avenue, Bethany OK 73008
Phone: 405-245-4104 • or 405-651-3896

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