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RVer Looking for Work: Ms Beth

Beth Miller
(RV: 1963 KenCraft)

RV Park Work Wanted

RV Park Work Wanted

SWF Outta shape, Middle aged, not quiet crazy looking for temp or seasonal work that comes with a FHU RV space. I'm only 50, so I have to work to get by... so paid hours is a MUST. Would love to work a RV park office/store and help with landscaping and marketing. (I have no pets)

I'm a Jill of all trades, Master of none... I've been a warehouse worker at Amazon, a convenience store manager in AZ, housekeeping at a lake resort, ticket gate manager at a 4 day event, white dove keeper, watercraft renter, vending booth owner/operator, carnival ticket booth seller, small business marketing, band tour manager, dog walker, RV park lawn mower, and much more. I can do, or learn to do, most anything fairly quickly.

Looking to work my way up to Fargo area by Oct 1st for the beet harvest

BigRed - my truck
TinLizzy - my trailer

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