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RVer Looking for Work: Jacob Brinks

Jacob Brinks
(Full-Time RVer with a 14' Yukon Travel Trailer)

Marisa and Jacob

Marisa and Jacob

Jacob A. Brinks
6727 Heatheridge Drive
Saline, MI 48176

Trout Haven Resorts, Multiple Positions, Estes Park, Co S e a s o n a l ( S u m m e r ) 2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5
Maintenance and Landscape Technician
⦁ Landscaping
⚪ Maintain neat appearance of company grounds including Manor RV park, Tiny Town Cabins and Beaver brook condominiums. This included Lawn mowing, line trimming, pruning, edging, removal of debris, mulching, chipping, use of chainsaws and backhoe operation
⦁ Plumbing
⚪ Run new water lines, install drains, clear drains with hand snake, sweat copper pipe
⚪ Maintain sewage lines in RV Park. This included flushing the lines daily to ensure potential obstructions are cleared and use of the water jet or power auger to clear blockages.
⚪ Install and maintain propane water heaters. ⚪ Install toilets and faucets.
⚪ Repair leaks (faucets, water lines, toilets, hose bibs, etc.) ⦁ Electrical
⚪ Install new outlets, switches, replace breakers, replace GFCIs, run conduit, replace photo cells and automatic light timers.
⦁ Carpentry
⚪ Refinish furniture, rebuild and maintain picnic tables, trim work, re finish wood floors and various buildings projects as they were assigned. ⦁ Cleaning hot tubs and maintaining chemical levels
⦁ Various daily preventative maintenance tasks

Fishing Pond Attendant
⦁ Assist customers with set up of loaned fishing equipment, removal of caught fish from hook, cash register operation, cleaning fish for customers.

Humane Society of Huron Valley, Multiple Positions, Ann Arbor, MI 0 6 / 1 0 - 0 6 / 1 3
Animal Care Technician
⦁ Clean and maintained kennels throughout the facility
⦁ Perform morning and afternoon feeding and medication duties
⦁ Report medical and behavioral observations
⦁ Assist and educate public with current and ongoing care of adopted animals

Intake Technician
⦁ Intake animals according to facilities guidelines and policies
⦁ Assist with and perform blood draws
⦁ Administer vaccinations and medications
⦁ Practice safe and effective animal restraint ⦁ Perform humane euthanasia
⦁ Assist the public with accurate and detailed information pertaining to domestic animals and wildlife
⦁ Work as a team and utilize critical thinking to troubleshoot and assess various situations. Shelter Shift Supervisor
⦁ Conduct daily morning meanings with Animal Care Technicians, Shelter Manager and Behaviorists.
⦁ Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to address various problems throughout the day.
⦁ Work closely with Vets and Vet Techs to ensure health and well being of all animals and report any medical concerns.
⦁ Work Closely with Intake department to ensure steady and smooth flow of animals moving through the system.
⦁ Assist Volunteer coordinator in scheduling daily tasks for volunteers ⦁ Assist Behavior team with planning behavior modification for specific animals
⦁ Report any medical or behavioral issues to appropriate staff ⦁ Shelter staff scheduling
⦁ Assist adoptions manager with adoption decisions
⦁ Handle disappointed and disgruntled customers pleasantly and effectively
⦁ De–escalate potentially dangerous situations

Emergency Rescue Driver (Overnights)
⦁ Respond to calls from the public and local Police Departments/municipalities regarding sick and/or injured animals (domestic and wildlife)
⦁ Respond to Cruelty Complaints if animal is in distress
⦁ Make euthanasia decisions on sick/injured wildlife. Speak with on-call vet and accurately describe illness/injury if euthanasia decision is to be made for domestic animals.
⦁ Perform Humane Euthanasia
⦁ Educate public in situations of neglect before action is taken
⦁ Work independently and responsibly in an un supervised environment

Lake Forest Golf Club, Multiple Positions, Ann Arbor, MI
0 3 / 0 6 - 0 7 / 1 2
⦁ Prepare cook-to-order items
⦁ Organize banquets and assist with food preparation
⦁ Maintain a clean and organized kitchen

Grounds Maintenance
⦁ Mow greens and tee boxes
⦁ Operate machinery including: Bobcat, chainsaws, line-trimmers, sandbox rakes, mowers, blowers and tractor.
⦁ Install and repair irrigation lines
⦁ Basic landscape duties

Zingermans Bakehouse, Multiple Positions, Ann Arbor, MI 0 1 / 1 0 - 0 4 / 1 0
Wholesale Customer Service
⦁ Place large scale orders by wholesale customers with precise accuracy
⦁ Correct errors reported by customers upon delivery Delivery
⦁ Load and deliver bread and pastry orders to wholesale customers

New Savannah, Masonry Foreman, Ann Arbor, MI 0 4 / 0 8 - 1 0 / 1 0
⦁ Design, install and repair stone/brick retaining walls, walkways, and landscape beds.
⦁ Troubleshoot day to day issues
⦁ Direct a team of 4 employees in an efficient and positive manner

Jacob A. Brinks
734.272.5904 ̲

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