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Removing Ads

(Eagle Wind RV)

Thank you for listing the position we have, but it was filled. I am not sure how to remove our ad.

Comments for Removing Ads

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How To Remove Ads

When your Help Wanted position is filled, all you need to do is email me and let me know. Be sure to identify the ad so I can find it. It helps if you let me know which month it was posted.

The same is true for Work Wanted ads. Just let me know that you are no longer looking for work and we'll take it from there. You do need to provide enough info so that I can find your ad. And, again, if you let me know what month you submitted it (what month it appears on the website) it really helps.

The website isn't set up so that you can remove ads yourself.

Also, next time that you need a worker, or that you need work, just send in another ad and we'll be glad to get it posted for you.

Removing Ad When Position Is Filled

All you need to do is email me and let me know that the position is filled. Be sure to include enough information so that I can find the ad. It is really helpful if you let me know which month it was posted. I take it from there.

And, when you have a position for a work camper or working RVer open again, please submit another ad.

We also appreciate it when you let other business owners know that you filled your staff positions through our free Help Wanted ad service.

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