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Property Caretaking Jobs: Live Rent Free As a Property Caretaker

Property Caretaking Jobs … Live rent free doing property caretaking, house sitting, pet sitting, or work camping while providing security and care for the owners. Some positions also pay a wage.

Property Caretaking Work for RVers

Property Caretaking Jobs -- More Than a Rent Free Place To Live Today you enjoy living rent-free at a beach resort or a mountain retreat. Tomorrow, you live rent-free in a city apartment or on a country estate. A few months from now...

Ranch Sitting Gives Caretakers Storybook Scenery, Free RV Parking, and Pay Ranch sitting pays the bills, gives us a free RV parking, and puts us in a storybook scene of beauty. Unlike volunteer work camping, this property caretaking paid an hourly wage.

Property Caretakers Are As Varied As Their Caretaking Jobs Good property caretakers are honest and dependable. Those may be the only characteristics they share. Their skills, education, personal preference, background, and outlook on life vary greatly.

Property Caretaker Work: For this Job, Benefits Include a Canoe and a Bathtub Property caretaker jobs can provide cash, a place to park your RV, utilities, and fun benefits. Each caretaking position that Coleen and I have had has been different. This house-sitting job was helping two elderly ladies with their home and lake property.

Caretaker Gazette: The Newsletter Filled With Worldwide Property Caretaking Jobs The Caretaker Gazette is a newsletter for property caretakers with job listings all over the world for house sitters, pet sitters, land caretaking, domestic help, estate managers, and farm workers.

Caretaking With Pets: Animals May Be Welcome, But Don't Assume So Caretaking with pets is possible, but don't take for granted that your animals are included in the caretaker offer. Some ads specify dogs and horses are welcome. An RV can help in other instances.

Career Caretaker Mahnessah Talks about His Caretaking Lifestyle Mahnessah is a life-long career caretaker. He crisscrosses the U.S. and Canada in his RV, accompanied by his dog, Miah, Mahnessah has been a caretaker for properties throughout the U.S.

California Property Caretaker Needed for Farm Overlooking Bio-dynamic Vineyard Property caretaker help wanted. We'd be thrilled if you are someone with an abiding interest in alternative energy conservation, organic gardening, sustainable farming/living, music, and/or the arts.

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