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Problem Placing Ads

Gene Thieman
(cudjoe key Florida)

What is a wrong word? Why am I continually told that I am entering the wrong word at the bottom of the work wanted ad?

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Help For Placing Work Wanted and Help Wanted Ads

When you submit a Help Wanted ad, a Work Wanted ad, a question or comment, an article, or most anything on this website, you are asked to type in a word that's shown rather skewed. The reason for this is to make sure that a person is doing the submitting, not a spamming program.

If you get the "wrong word" response it could be that the word was difficult to read and you didn't enter the word they wanted. That's happened to me sometimes. Sometimes the words aren't common words. Sometimes, they skew them so much that it's just too darn hard to decipher it.

If it happens to you, you can try reloading the page. That should give you a different word.

You can also click the word to hear it.

If that doesn't work, skip the form and email me your ad. Although I automate a lot of the website to save time, there really is a live person behind the scenes at Work For RVers and Campers.

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