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Problem Changing Subscription Email Address


I am unable to change my subscription email address. I filled out the form and here's the message I get:


Sorry, we either have a temporary glitch, or are doing maintenance on the system. (Occasionally, we do end-of-month maintenance. If that's the case, please return in a few hours -- all will be OK.)

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Changing Email Addresses

Hi Darrel,

The easiest thing is probably to try again. It may work fine the second time.

Or, you may email me both your old and your new email address. I will then go in on my side of things and make the change for you. You will get a system generated email letting you know that the change is in progress. You must then respond to that email to confirm that you really are requesting the change.

The reason they require the confirmation is so that someone doesn't add your email (or change it) without your consent.

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