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FL: Panhandle Pioneer Settlement Seeks Volunteers for Smithsonian Exhibit

FL: The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is excited. The Smithsonian is coming! We need volunteer working campers to help plan programs, give tours, and help with other support activities July and August 2012.

Want to be a part of something big? We could use your help. We are looking for working campers looking for a volunteer job for July – August 2012. Your hours will be completed in an air-conditioned environment. Working campers would volunteer as little as 20 hours a week per couple.

The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement has been selected and awarded the privilege of presenting the Smithsonian Institute Museum on Main Street -- Journey Stories exhibit. It is sponsored by the Florida Humanities Council, during the period of 14 July through 25 August 2012. The Journey Stories are a display of journey stories that show the struggles of our ancestors that have made our country great.

We will be presenting local journey stories and local history that will complement the Smithsonian Journey Stories. We will be conducting programs leading up to the exhibit dates on local history and folklore that we feel will be educational in nature and enhance any history classes presented in our schools and our population at large.

This location is the only one selected in North Florida. All other exhibit locations are in South Central and South Florida. This makes encouraging our student to attend the exhibit even more important. Our exhibit dates are during the summer break, but we are hoping to attract students and adults from our region of Florida to our events and the exhibits.

We need volunteers for committee members to assist us in planning programs, finding business sponsors, and be available to present guided tours of the exhibit, among other support activities.

Your assistance in getting the word out to the community and supporting us in this effort is most appreciated.

If interested in joining us, please visit our website at or email at


Cindy Reese
Office Manager

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement
P.O. Box 215
Blountstown, FL 32424


Coleen's note: A couple of our RVing readers have workamped at Panhandle Pioneer Settlement and have given us a report on their stay there. Be sure to read about their experience.

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