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NH: StoryLand Amusement Park - Pay and Site

Story Land - Palace Entertainment, Glen, New Hampshire
(Family Oriented Theme Park with Characters, Rides, Food, Fun)

NH: Story Land - Palace Entertainment, Glen, New Hampshire. Seeking RVers who are friendly, hardworking and have a positive attitude for our camping season at Story Land in Glen, NH.

Story Land is located in the heart of the White Mountains. We offer 20-40+ hours work per week depending on the time of season, mid-May - mid-Oct.

Positions available in admissions, ride operations, foods service, and retail and games. Please be aware that all positions require being on your feet.

Admissions Department: Cashiers and customer service are the primary positions within the admissions department. You are responsible for cash and credit card sales, answering a tremendous amount of questions pertaining to the park and local information. These positions require being on your feet throughout the day.

Rides/Maintenance: The primary jobs within this department are operating a variety of rides. Expect to learn both speech and push button rides. Speech rides include: The Train, The Safari, The Pirate Ship, and the Story Land Queen, all of which require driving and giving a speech. Push button rides require ensuring guests are safely in the ride with a safety walk around the ride area for each cycle, pushing the safety announcement, then pushing the start button and stepping on a foot pedal for the duration of the ride. Regardless of ride, all require safe operation and specific guidelines to follow and most of the rides will require standing and walking all day. Some rides also require frequent bending to check lap bars, etc. Guest care is extremely important. Ride operators may also be asked to assist on our maintenance team. Jobs will vary, however you can expect to clean pathways, clean animal pens, any cleaning jobs needing attention and miscellaneous projects in the park. On these days you will help with ride relief for break times.

Food & Beverage: Cashiers and cooks are primary positions you will fill. This is a fast paced environment requiring a tremendous amount of teamwork. The efficiency of the team is largely dependent on cast members listening to each other, being able to multitask, plan ahead, and change speeds when necessary. As a cashier, accuracy and honesty are very important. As a cook, safe cooking procedures are of utmost importance. You must also be able to plan ahead and cook accordingly to meet the needs of the park and work swiftly to complete orders in a timely manner. Please note, while these are the primary roles you will fill, you will need to help as servers, dishwashers, table cleaners, etc. These positions require being on your feet throughout the day.

Retail (Games & Gift Shops): Game attendants will handle money and operate the games. It is important to have high energy in order to get guests involved and excited about the games. Retail cashiers in the gift shops will be trained on our computerized registers and may also be asked to assist guests on the floor. Floor assistants will assist guests, restock, organize, and clean where necessary. As a cashier, accuracy and honesty are very important. These positions require being on your feet throughout the day.

Park Services: Our costumed characters are a part of the Park Service Department. Our adult positions include Mother Goose, Woman in the Shoe, and Heidi’s Grandfather. The following are general job descriptions for these popular characters. Please note that our guests are very excited to meet these characters and often want to hug and take a picture with them. These cast members need to be very guest oriented and be willing to "be in character" all day.

Mother Goose: Meet and greet with our guests. This position allows for walking around the front of the park and sitting in her rocking chair. Mother Goose has a goose puppet that she introduces to the children. Be prepared for lots of hugs!

Woman in the Shoe: Welcome children of all ages into her shoe. She gives them a Story Land sticker, talks to everyone and wishes them well on their adventure. Hugs here too!

Heidi’s Grandfather: Welcome children of all ages into your hut. Invite them to explore and tell them about the story of Heidi. Read the story if guests are interested and pose for pictures.

Night Watchman: 8pm-5am all season, approximately mid May – mid October. This position requires making rounds throughout the property during the night. This would include the park, our campsites, and the international student housing area. Requires making sure no one is on the property that should not be, that noise level is reasonable, and overall security of the grounds during the off hours. Additional responsibilities will likely include checking water meters, cleaning the cast member lunchroom, starting laundry for the following day, escorting cast members who work late to their vehicles, assisting students living on the property if locked out of room, etc. Other tasks will likely be added to this evolving position. This person must be extremely reliable, honest, flexible, and physically able to walk the property throughout the shift, however a vehicle is also provided.

Mechanic/AV: With the right skills we may have an opportunity within our Ride Maintenance/Audio Visual Department. Experience with amusement rides and heavy equipment is a plus.

Seasonal Support Team: There may be summer management opportunities available in Ride Operations, Food & Beverage, and Retail. These positions require longer hours. Please inquire.

We offer competitive wages, complimentary tickets to over 30 New England attractions and various incentives. We offer FHU sites with cable and wireless internet service along with free laundry facilities. Sites are within walking distance of the park. Wages are paid for all hours worked.

For more info, visit us online at or contact Tiffany at at 603-383-4293 or send her an email at This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. Please tell the business owner that you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. This position for working campers and RVers posted in February. Story Land - Palace Entertainment, Glen, New Hampshire.

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