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Newsletter Job Postings

Suzanne Campbell
(Mesa, AZ USA)

Are the newsletter job postings by e-mail only, or do you also send them by mail?

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Finding the Newsletter Help Wanted Ads

We send the newsletter by email only. I also archive the newsletters on the website.

Years ago, we did have a printed on paper newsletter that we mailed out by US Postal Service. The problem with Help Wanted ads in a monthly or bi-monthly publication is that they are old and outdated before you receive them.

We now post the Help Wanted ads on the website. We organize them according to how we receive them. We divide them onto monthly pages. The newest ads go on the top of the page. Go to and you'll find links to all of the monthly Help Wanted pages.

The easiest way to find the newest, most current ads is to check our blog every day, or even a couple times a day. Here's the website address for that:

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