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MO: Swan Lake NWR

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Sumner, MO
(Live and Work on a National Wildlife Refuge)

MO: Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Sumner, Missouri. We are looking for work campers to assist with operating The Swan Lake NWR in Sumner, MO.

This is a Part-time position of 20 hours per week in exchange for Full Camper Hooks. The camper sites are 20’x40’ and are equipped with water/electrical (both 50A&30A)/sewer hookups. We have two RV spots available and are looking for workers from March 2016 until Late October 2016.

This is an excellent opportunity to have the best of two worlds: First, the beautiful surroundings of the refuge with its bountiful wildlife and plant habitats, and Second, the ability to interact with visitors and local communities. Your duties will include running the Visitor Center on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Duties include greeting visitors, answering questions about the refuge, operating a small museum and keeping count of total number of visitors. You will also be responsible for general janitorial & cleaning services (i.e. vacuuming the carpet, sweeping off the main sidewalk entrance, cleaning and re-supplying the restrooms) of the Visitor Center’s offices and restrooms on those days. On occasions you will assist with special social events held on the refuge. Other potential work opportunities are available for those who have talents in the following areas: carpentry, mechanical/electrical maintenance, lawn maintenance, & assisting with wildlife surveys.

Interested parties should contact Steve Whitson or John Benson at the 660-856-3323ext 10 /(Fax) 660-856-3687 Email: steve_whitson@fws.gov or john_benson@fws.gov

Spread the word about Workers On Wheels! When you inquire about this campground job, please let the wildlife refuge manager know you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. This position for RVing workers posted in November. Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Sumner, MO.

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