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MN: City Campground Host - Some Pay

Hill Lake Park and Campground - City of Hill City, Hill City, Minnesota
(City Park Camp Hosting on the Lake)

Hill Lake Park and Campground

Hill Lake Park and Campground

Hill Lake Park and Campground Hill Lake Park and Campground Hill Lake Park and Campground Hill Lake Park and Campground

MN: Hill Lake Park and Campground - City of Hill City, Hill City, Minnesota. We are currently looking for an outgoing and energetic camp host to work at our city park on beautiful Hill Lake.

Hill Lake Park and Campground has 14 partial hook-up sites that are water and electric RV sites and multiple tent sites. We are also in the process of constructing 6 – 9 new, full hook-up RV sites, with water, sewer and electric.

This is an annually contracted position. Experience is preferred, but not required.

The ideal candidates will be of a professional nature and be able to make sound decisions. If you have a warm and inviting disposition and would like to spend the summer in northern Minnesota we would like to hear from you. As compensation you will receive $500.00/month and your own full hook-up site. You must have your own RV. The season dates are from May 1st – October 15th. No mowing or trimming is required.

The Host shall manage the Hill Lake Park & Campground in a professional manner. Having a warm, inviting and professional demeanor. And to make judgment calls based on rules and safety. The duties and abilities of the Host shall include all necessary and related tasks, including but not limited to the following:

• The Host shall meet with prospective users of the City Park & Campground to handle details with respect to daily rentals.
• The Host will be available daily for fee collections, selling firewood, etc. If the Host needs time away they need to contact one of the Park Committee Members to cover their time.
• Making and taking reservations in person and by phone and collecting rents/deposits and any additional charges owed by users of the park/campground. Keeping a complete record of all rentals on a daily log. Receipting all cash and checks received by the renters. Turning over all cash, checks, receipts, envelopes and campground log to City Hall every Monday to the City Clerk.
• Maintain an orderly park/campground by putting R.V.’s and tents on proper sites.
• Clean restrooms/shower rooms on a daily basis with daily periodic checks for cleanliness. This includes: sweeping, replenishing toilet paper if needed, replenishing paper toweling if needed, making sure toilets are clean and unplugged, and making sure garbage is emptied at least twice daily. Be available for restroom/shower room emergencies such as plugged drains or toilets.
• Check campsites after campers depart to make sure that no debris have been left and site is clean and ready for the next campers. This also includes picking up any extra wood left behind and cleaning out campsite fire ring.
• Check all facilities regularly for broken or burned out light bulbs and be replaced as necessary.
• Check and empty garbage containers from restroom/shower room areas, picnic areas, beach and all other areas that might have debris.
• Handle firewood sales.
• Reporting to the City the need for any materials or supplies needed.
• Ensure that the campground is in a clean, safe and orderly condition at all times. Inspect the park/campground for safety-maintenance conditions and necessary repairs and inform the City promptly if any repairs or other corrections are needed.
• Enforce the campground regulations and ordinances. It shall be the obligation of the Host to report to the City or to the City Police Department any infraction or violation of any state or local rule or ordinance observed by the Host or reported to the Host by residents of the park/campground. It will be the duty of the Host to check out all disturbances before calling for police intervention. It is not the expectation of the City that the Host enforce regulations on a 24-hour a day basis.
• Be familiar with proper emergency services personnel in case of emergency.
• The Host will take an inventory of all supplies and equipment at the beginning and at the end of the season.
• Provide all campers with a copy of the campground rules and explain rules as needed.
• Perform drive-by inspections of all campsites each evening to ensure that payment has been made on all occupied sites and make appropriate arrangement for collection of unpaid fees.
• Maintain good public relations and perform all duties in a courteous manner as the Manager is considered one of the primary public relation contacts for the City.
• Operate canoe/kayak/paddle board rental and maintain related records.
• Upon the completion of this contract, the Host shall return to the City all unused supplies, tools and equipment.
• Upon the completion of this contract, the Host shall provide the City with a written report which includes continuing problems, successes and improvements suggested for the next season.
• Host will pick up after pets at City Beach when needed and remind Campers to pick up after their pets in the campground area as needed.
• Perform all other duties and functions as directed or as is reasonable or necessary in the performance of duties as campground host in order to promote the Hill Lake Park and Campground and to facilitate campers, boaters, fishermen and all other persons using the campground.
• Effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, with the general public and city employees.
• Ability to read and interpret labels on chemicals and supplies. Understand and follow written instructions.

Experience is preferred but not required.

City agrees that the City shall undertake all necessary major maintenance and repairs including all preseason set-up and closing down duties. A written log will be kept of all significant maintenance improvements whether accomplished by Public Works or the Host.

As additional consideration for the duties of the Host, City agrees that the Host shall be covered by the City’s liability insurance policy, and shall be named as a named insured under such policy, which such policy shall include that coverage, limits, and deductibles as presently in force and effect.

It is expressly agreed by all parties that this contract shall not create an employer-employee relationship, nor shall the Host be considered an Agent of the City for any purpose, excepting, however, where the City subsequently may empower or authorize to act as an agent of such City. It is expressly understood that the Host status shall be as an independent contractor and that except for the liability insurance coverage as described above, shall not be entitled to unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, health insurance, other fringe benefits, or the like.

If you are interested in this position applications will be available at City Hall 125 Lake Ave, PO Box 160, Hill City, MN 55748, Phone: 218-697-2301 or email: through 4:00 pm on March 10, 2016. This is a Workers On Wheels "Help Wanted" ad. Please tell the business owner that you saw this Help Wanted ad on Coleen's Workers On Wheels website. This position for working campers and RVers posted in February. Hill Lake Park and Campground - City of Hill City, Hill City, Minnesota.

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