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How Up to Date are Help Wanted Ads?

C. Kiefer

How up to date are your listings? Do you ask that employers notify you when the position is filled? We have called many jobs listed here and all are filled. Not sure how accurate or up to date your service is for us working RVers?

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Use Blog, RSS Feed, and E-zine for Update Notices

The Help Wanted and Work Wanted pages are usually updated several times a week. Sometimes, they are updated several times a day. Some of the ads are posted within minutes of the employer sending them to us.

Yes, we do ask that employers notify us when positions are filled. When we receive that notification, we note it on the ad. We also remove the contact information.

Take time to read the information on the job listing pages. It tells you what year and what month the ads were posted.

We received all of the Help Wanted ads posted on the job listings page for the current month this month. Our service works and works quickly. Some of the positions do get filled within hours of being posted.

It pays to check the website frequently. The easiest way to check for new openings is to use our blog updates. Bookmark the Blog page -- the specific URL address for it is Another suggestion is to sign up for our RSS feed so that you get announcements of new postings right away -- the RSS subscribe box is on the left side of the page, at the end of the navigation bar. And, if you haven't subscribed to our free email newsletter, you should do that, also.

For various reasons, we leave ads up for a full year. They are replaced on a monthly, rotating cycle. Naturally, if you are looking at ads that were posted several months ago, many of them are likely filled. For more on this, and specifically about value of leaving ads up for a year, click here.

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