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Gate Sitting in Texas

(Muskegon, MI)

We have heard that you can gate sit in Texas.
We would love to know more about it and how do you find these jobs. Is the pay great?

We are from New Zealand and have our own A class. We live in Muskegon in summer and go south in winter.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Lin and John

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More About Gate Sitting

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Do you mean working for a gated RV park, making sure only registered guests are allowed in?

Or, camp hosting for state or federal parks, checking for park passes and/or collecting fees?

Either of these are apt to be volunteer workamping or exchanging your time for an RV site. Some may pay an hourly wage, but I doubt any would be what you'd consider great pay.

Oh My Goshk!

I'm thinking you are talking about gatekeeping on an oilfield site.... I checked that out as a possible job last year. Here's the scoop....

The jobs pay $100 a day. But, it's a 24-hour day, so you'll have to be a couple, and want to do 12 hrs. a day each. They provide a water tank and you have to get your holding tanks pumped out with a honey truck.

I'm single so had to pass. Can't remember the contact info right now but will look for it and try to post again when/if I find it.


Gate Sitting Info

Contact info.... My last post had info about gate sitting at oilfield sites. That was for Timekeepers Inc. 830-767-4575.

There are a couple other companies that I know of that do similar sites, oil fields:

Rolltop Inc. 800-333-9908.

Cody Cole, don't have their # but this might still be good... You might try doing a Google search, also.

Hope this helps,

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