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Full-time RVers Looking for Work: Boyink Family

Michael Boyink
(RVing Family with a 2014 Wildcat Fifth Wheel)

The Boyink Family

The Boyink Family

Who We Are: A conservative, fun, creative Christian family of three that sold off our suburban house & gave away most of our stuff to travel the USA by RV.

We've been on the road for over 5 years, been to 40 states, lived on a houseboat, ridden horses, fell off of surfboards, rented Jeeps, swam with Manatees, and kayaked with monkeys.

We greatly enjoy our freedom from suburbia and are always looking for new experiences we can have as a family.

What We Seek
We want to trade hours worked for an RV spot that isn't in a typical campground or RV park.

Let us:
Help with your animal rescue facility
Work at your summer camp
Help run your island lodge
Give tours on your restored battleship (hey, it could happen!)

We're interested in learning more about:
Animal care
Preparing and eating fresh produce
Alternative power sources
Hydroponics (anything under the homesteading umbrella)
How to benefit from the sweat of our brows
Non-suburban, alternative communities

May to September 2016. Ish.

The West. Ish.
We want to be in and around mountains and where the daytime temps average in the high 70s or low 80s.

Our Crew:

Miranda (daughter)
17, loves animals, has thoughts of becoming a guide-dog trainer.
Experienced tending horses, alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, dogs and cats. And one emu.
Writer, poet, loved by younger children.

Crissa (Mom)
Friendly, detail oriented and a quick-learner. Degrees in Nursing and Biology.
Family homeschooler, navigator, reservation and appointment maker.
Working herself out of the homeschool role and interested in new experiences.
Desires a more active outdoor life and wants to learn how to put more fresh food on the table.
Excellent in customer service roles - always able to put a smile on people's faces.

Mike (Dad)
Website developer/teacher/author/driver.
Current businesses keep his brain busy so is not looking to lead big projects so much as provide directed help.
Anxious for physical work that gets him off screens and outdoors.
Has owned houses and restored vehicles in the past so is comfortable with hand and power tools.
Pretty handy for a geek - can MIG weld, do electrical work, and complete smaller construction projects.
Experience with tractors, backhoes, etc (and always excited to drive something new).

Hours Available
We don't have a set number as our experience has been that the number of hours we can work depends on a number of things outside of our control; type of work, amount of supervision needed, weather, etc.

We will be more than fair in the amount of work we will provide in exchange for an RV site and any extra perks, but are also looking for hosts that are fair in their expectations as well.

We Bring Our Own Housing
We have a 2014 fifth wheel trailer that is 34 feet long. Our truck is a 2002 but well-kept & clean. We maintain a tidy campsite.

We Can Prep Our Own Food
We are used to being self-sufficient so can provide our own meals, but are also anxious to 'break bread' with others and also learn healthier cooking and eating habits.

More of Crissa's time would be available if meal/food preparation time is shared. We are omnivores and intend to stay that way but want a more balanced mix and fresher and more wholesome foods in our diet.

What We Hope You Can Offer:
A family-oriented, drug-free, conservative atmosphere.
A community to connect with - family members, other workers, customers, etc (ie we don't want to be isolated in a remote area).
A variety of work opportunities - maintenance, growing, animal care, harvesting, selling/farmers markets, giving tours, etc.
A place to park our trailer with water, electric (30A or 50A) and sewer hookups.
Internet availability - either via a 3G/4G signal in the area (which we can grab with our own equipment) or through a local cable/dsl provider. We don't expect you to pay for the internet that we use in our other business endeavors.
Onsite laundry
All equipment needed for the work at hand. We don't expect to have to use our tools & materials for your projects
Groceries & other shopping within a reasonable drive
Possibility of fresh produce in exchange for our work

Our expectation is that we would commit to a short-term engagement first (~2 weeks) and then extend longer if it felt like a good fit on both sides. We can provide references upon request.
If you have or know of a situation that would be a good fit for us please contact us at adventure@boyink.com

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