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Eskie House American Eskimo Dog Rescue

(by Marilyn Johnson)

KS: Eskie House American Eskimo Dog Rescue needs volunteer help this winter. We need help at our small, (15 dogs), shelter in Wichita, Kansas. You may bring your dogs.

Help is needed in the office, updating pictures of the dogs, elaboration on their bios on our websites, socialization of the dogs, feeding, bathing, grooming, and kennel and grounds cleaning.

Work about four hours a day, seven days a week. This could be one person or shared with a partner/spouse.

We have a live in security person at this time, but we still need help with the dogs as this person works for Direct TV from the house.

There is room for a medium size camper trailer, 5th wheeler, or even a at the north end of the 1/2 acre property. We would supply one additional parking space, free wifi, electricity, Direct TV, and water. You would have the use of a washer and dryer. Plus, we could give you 100 square feet of storage area in our garages.

You may bring your dogs. We have a tub you could use to wash them. There is a fenced in exercise yard for your dogs to play with our dogs if they get along, or you could alternate the exercise yard time when our dogs are in the house during dinner time, rest time, and bed time.

Heart Bandits is a dog rescue organization devoted to the American Eskimo Dog. Eskie House American Eskimo Dog Rescue is affiliated with Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue. The Heart Bandits American Eskimo Rescue South Kansas was established in1996. It is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. It is proud to be AKC and UKC recognized.

If you are interested in volunteer workamping with us, call us at 316-522-7798 or 316-617-9363. Or, email us at for our volunteer application.

Heart Bandits American Eskimo Rescue-South Kansas
W. 31st Street South
Wichita KS 67217
Phone: 316-522-7798

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